After a prospect decides to become a customer, especially when it’s a big decision, what do you do next? Do you jump up and down for joy, say “Thanks!”, rush out the door to call your sales manager – or- do you reinforce your new customer’s decision and reassure them they’ve done the right thing?

I hope it’s the latter.

There is a saying in sales that you should never sell past the sale. In other words, when someone decides to purchase from you, stop selling. I agree. But don’t stop reassuring the purchase decision.

Immediately following the sale, your job of customer support begins. And it never ends.

Once a big decision is made, reassure your new custoemr they won’t regret it. Buyer’s remorse is a reality and you don’t want to let a customer slip through your fingers merely because you abandoned them after the sale. Let your new customer know that now that they’ve purchased, the real relationship with your business begins.

Here are 11 tips to reinforce a purchase decision and start a lifelong relationship with a new customer:

  • Contact the person the day after the purchase and reiterate how pleased you are they’re now a customer and how you expect the purchase to benefit them. Contact can be a telephone call or email dependent upon your business and item purchased.
  • Relay a story about another client that made a similar purchase and how they benefited.
  • Send a note thanking them for becoming a customer.
  • Educate your new customer on what to expect next. Give them clear and reasonable expectations on what they should be doing and what you’re doing now that their purchase has been made.
  • Let them know exactly how to request information and support should they have a question or issue.
  • Let hem know exactly how to escalate for support, should it ever be necessary.
  • If you’re shipping something, give them an update when the item ships, provide tracking information, and call to make sure it arrives. If your business doesn’t scale around making telephone calls, send an email — automate follow-up, if possible.
  • Related to the previous tip, provide status updates on the shipment of their purchase in the time between order and delivery.
  • Contact your customer again after a week of their purchase or delivery to assure everything is okay. Do the same thing again after one month.
  • Add your customer to your mailing list and periodically send updates on your business, new products, usage tips, etc. Continue the relationship after the sale and never stop educating.
  • Give your current customers first look at new offerings and special discounts. Let them know there’s something special about being a customer. They’re now an insider of sorts with special access.

There are 11 tips to get you started supporting a new customer, both immediately after the sale and in the time soon after. First impressions count a lot in business, as they do in personal life, and getting new customers integrated in your support system and reassured in their purchase decision is critical to ongoing success.

What tip would you add to my list?


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