James Stuart Logan

I’m a B2B Copywriter specializing in the complex sale. I’m the guy you call when it’s hard to talk about your business or no one seems to get it. ~ James Stuart Logan

Sales Communication

quotationmarkJim Logan is detailed, informative, and an expert in all things sales and marketing. If you are in the market for a sales coach or business coach look no further. Hell, even if you are not in the market, do yourself a favor and just reach out to Jim and see what he can offer you.

~William D., Hybrid Racing

Go-to-Market Strategy

quotationmarkI have hired Jim Logan on and off through the years for different B2B marketing projects. In our last engagement, he offered some ideas that led to a 28% increase in online leads for a very niche product. If you are looking for some new ideas, Jim is the person to talk to.

~George H., Data Machines, Inc. 

Marketing Communication

quotationmarkI have worked with many business professionals, but none hold a candle to Jim Logan’s skill level. Jim has a unique ability to synthesize complex, technical offerings and articulate a market identity that effectively communicates and creates interest in the offering.

~Richard H., LexTech


quotationmarkJim Logan is a goal-oriented, reliable and creative writer and editor with a lot of technology expertise and positive attitude. We have hired him for numerous projects over the years, and are always happy with the results. He is friendly, responsive, and open to suggestions.

~Yuliya M., SoftServe