There is no possibility of a sales opportunity until a benefit is established in the mind of your prospect. Until your prospect acknowledges a need, want or desire to purchase whatever it is you have to sell, there is no way in the world they will buy.

Think about it.

Your prospect has to want to buy what you have to sell or there is no sales opportunity.

This is a critical point to keep in mind when launching a lead generation campaign and first engaging with a prospect. There has to be an interest to purchase whatever you have to sell for a sales opportunity to exist.

In practical terms, this means you have to establish your benefit before anything else.

What you need to do is take all of the things you do — your speeds, feeds, features, and functionality — and ask yourself this one question: What does my prospect get out of using my product or service that they’d be willing to pay money to receive?

Whatever your answer, this is the basis of your offer for a prospect to become a customer.

Remember, benefits are how your prospect gains from the use of your product or service. Benefits aren’t the things you do or the products and advantages you offer.

Do you agree with me that benefits are the most important thing to establish in a lead generation campaign?


Am I wrong and there’s something more important?


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