I expect each of us has an opinion on the subject of the worth and value of email marketing, especially as it relates to B2B sales in general and complex sales in particular.  I also expect those opinions would vary from B2B email marketing  being an acceptable tactic to strong opinion it’s nothing short of SPAM.

My thoughts are twofold:

1) Email is one of only five ways a named or titled person can be proactively reached — calling, mailing, visiting, and faxing being the other four.  As such, email should be explored as a legitimate means of lead generation — even without permission.

2) I’ve never received anything of value in my inbox I’d even remotely describe as SPAM. Relevant messages and offers are always welcome.

The first item above is a fact — embrace it.  Get active and perfect your ability to reach people proactively.  If you’re responsible for a quota or manage revenue, you can’t wait for a lead to contact you.  You must identify a target audience and reach out to them.  The alternative may be unemployment.

The second item is a fact too.  That’s the opportunity.  For many, that’s the also the rub.  If your messages aren’t relevant, they’ll be labeled nothing more than SPAM.  And any permission you may have had will be lost.

The second item has great potential.  And Pat McGraw has three tips to help you get the most out of your B2B email efforts.  The tips are broad, but on the right track — the big picture he presents points you in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on email marketing?


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