cavemanWhat if business consultants were paid more to solve problems in less time? In other words, what if business consultants were paid less each day that passed without a solution being implemented?

I bet there would be less studies and more action recommended.

It’s part of what’s wrong with the billable hour. There’s financial incentive for the professional to finish later than sooner.

The business relationship with consultants is upside down. Most relationships today remain based on time — I bill you for each hour I work on your project. The way it ought to work is I make more money the faster I deliver whatever result you’re buying.

My time and yours are the least valuable thing we have to offer. Our greatest value, the benefit clients buy, are the results they get from whatever work we perform.

Billing for your time is like clubbing your next meal. And the timesheet is a modern version of drawing a picture of the hunt on your wall.

Clients are interested in buying results, not your time.

What do you think?


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