A simple, cost-effective way to improve your copy

Years ago, I was prompted by a client to offer a service critiquing their copywriting. The service was simple, to provide meaningful feedback on copy they wrote to improve its effectiveness. I offered that service for a number years and then decided... Read More

Why relevance is the only thing marketers need to focus on

I’ve never been comfortable with the notion Interruption Marketing is dead or that Permission Marketing is somehow more pure and honest. The truth most permission marketers don’t tell you, or may not understand, is permission and interruption marketing both rely on... Read More

Can you eliminate the ‘hockey stick’ at the end of the year?

Something happens at the end of a reporting period. I’m not sure what it is, but the organization changes. Things happen faster – approvals, reviews, qualifications, meetings, etc.  And lead times shorten. Sure, some savvy customers intentionally hold off orders... Read More

Make the Most of Your Small Business Marketing Dollars

So, you don’t have a pile of money to brand and market your business? Neither do countless small businesses across the country. Small businesses have to make the most of every dollar spent to create a look-n-feel for their business and promote... Read More

When we’re all the same, there’s nothing different — that’s the rub

This morning I drove by an office building I hadn’t been inside for 10+ years. The last time I was there I met with a client — our last meeting. There weren’t any performance issues and the client was kind... Read More

5 Tips to Making a FREE Offer to Close a Sale

Being great or the best often isn’t enough. Having a wonderful product, outstanding back office support, and world-class people sometimes just Having a wonderful product, outstanding back office support, and world-class people sometimes merely readies you for business — it... Read More

When no volume of marketing automation is going to help

Earlier this morning I read a white paper about marketing automation when this stat hit me — the average B2B company closes .28% of all inquiries. I don’t know how accurate that number is or what definition of an inquiry... Read More

Is this sales tactic okay with you or does it cross the line of acceptable behavior?

Early in my career, I worked with a salesperson who thought whatever you had to do to make a sale was okay and fair game — as long as it wasn’t illegal.  I witnessed a number of tactics that made me cringe. For... Read More

Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim….

This could be a longer post, but it’s not necessary. Here’s the punchline: Sell now! It honestly amazes me the number of companies and business leaders who seemingly have no sense of urgency. I know of one company who for the past... Read More

Application notes are great sales tools, but they aren’t customer success stories

Customer success stories are great lead generation and sales tools, but they shouldn’t be confused with application notes. Application notes aren’t success stories. For sake of argument with some, I’ll yield to them being a cousin. Technology companies, in particular,... Read More