Note: There are no affiliate links in this post – just my recommendation for you to buy this book.


Periodically, I’m sent books to read and review online — that’s not the case with this book. I found, bought, read, and now review it on my own.

Why? The book is just that good.

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck is the best case I’ve read or heard for engaging in social media. Well beyond cheer-leading for twittter, facebook, et al, The Thank you Economy presents a detailed argument for engaging with customers at a deeper, more meaningful level for which social media becomes a wonderful tool.

That’s the surprising part I found about this book. I bought the book with the idea is was about social media, which it is. But the surprise is to me it’s more about serving customers and creating customer loyalty — something every business can use more of and benefit from improving.

Yes, this book is for you

I read a review or two on Amazon criticizing the book for not offering anything new on social media– the idea being if you’re already into social media this book isn’t for you. I disagree. This book is far more than a pep rally for social media. The Thank You Economy is about caring for customers — social media is merely the tool of the day.

That’s what I took from the book.

What I like best about about the book are the examples of how to leverage social media to create tighter customer relationships, as well as attract new buyers. The Thank You Economy makes you think — which is the highest compliment I can offer.

It’s worth the time and $13 to read it

The issue is never what you already know, it’s what you don’t know or needed to be reminded. It’s hard for me to believe there’s anyone who could read this book and not take something from it that doesn’t justify the time and $13 is takes to read it.

What’s the value of a great idea? You’ll find at least a couple in The Thank You Economy. The ROI from reading this book should be tremendous.

Grab your copy of The Thank You Economy today — it’s a good read you’ll be glad to own.


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