Something happens at the end of a reporting period. I’m not sure what it is, but the organization changes. Things happen faster – approvals, reviews, qualifications, meetings, etc.  And lead times shorten.

Sure, some savvy customers intentionally hold off orders until the last minute, betting you’ll give concessions to get their business before your books close. But vendors seem to move faster as the end of the month, quarter, and year approaches.

Vendors have tried many things to remove the hockey stick of back-loaded business quarters and years – increase commissions if business is closed earlier in the quarter, offer discounts for purchases made during certain time periods, enforce delayed shipments in an attempt to break habits. But nothing works.

But nothing works.

The organization changes – things are easier to get approved, people move faster, decisions are made quicker. The hockey stick everyone wants to eliminate is supported time and again.

Have you noticed this phenomenon? Is there anything you’ve seen that’s effective at reducing the hockey stick?


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