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liarThat’s all it said on the outside of a very professional looking envelop I received in the mail yesterday — Change of Payment Information.

I held it in my hand for a few seconds, turned it over a couple of times, and prepared to tear it in half and throw it away…then I paused.

Who was it from? Could it be a legitimate creditor with a notice of a change in my account? Or was it a solicitor with a clever tease intended to make me open the envelope and read their lame offer?

Seconds led to minutes – I still held the unopened envelope in my hand. It became a game to me. Should I tear it up and throw it away or open the envelop and read it? Is it fake or real?

I opened it. And it was fake. An unsolicited offer for a new mortgage.

I hate this type of direct mail. It’s dishonest. I feel tricked. I would never buy anything from someone that got me to open their envelope with a trick. Clever is fine – an intriguing question, provocative tease, etc. But essentially using a lie to get me to open an envelope and read an offer…I’ll never think that’s okay. And I’ll never support a company that relies on deception.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh?

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  1. Don Marti says:

    If the postage says “STANDARD” or “STD”, it’s not real transactional mail and you can recycle it unopened.

    I agree with you 100% on not accepting deceptive offers.

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