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"Oh my gosh Jim! You have completely blown me away with your rewrite of my copy. Please use me as a referral as many times as you like." ~Dale U., CEO LeadLifter


If you read your copy — website, brochure, white paper, sales letter, etc. — and it doesn’t quite create the level of excitement or interest you’d like your target audience to experience when read, there are a few things you can do:

  • Hire a copywriter to write new copy
  • Train to be a copywriter and improve your skills
  • Have a copywriter look over your shoulder and give you tips and guidance on how to improve whatever you wrote.

The first option can be expensive. The second options takes time and years of experience.  The third option is timely, cost effective, and proven to improve response — it’s the opportunity I’m offering you.


In summary, I’ll review and comment on any sales or marketing copy you wish.  I won’t rewrite your copy from scratch, but I’ll give substantive comments, ideas, and suggestions to make it better and more actionable.  While I won’t rewrite your copy, I’ll most likely change a sentence here and there and won’t hesitate to add a paragraph or two if needed.

I’ll read your copy looking for key ingredients proven to increase response rates and compel readers to act.  My review, comments, and input will be on ways to enhance these ingredients, resulting in an improvement to your copy and greater reader impact.

The way the service works is you send me whatever copy you want me to review and edit. In 48 hours or less, I will provide you a written review of your copy.

The thought behind the service is simple – it’s easier to review copy than it is to create it. Easy means less of my time. Less of my time means lower price. Lower price means lower barrier to purchase. The idea is to have a service that’s easy to purchase and provide that results in something of value.



When I say review, I don’t mean a lot of weak comments like “good”, “add more”, “change this”, etc. When I review something I offer substantive feedback on what needs to change, be clarified, removed, rearranged, or beefed-up. I often re-write sentences for greater impact and clarity, correct grammar when I see something wrong, and cut and paste the copy to make greater sense. What I won’t do is re-write the copy to create something completely different. For that, you need to hire me as a copywriter.

This isn’t a proofreading or copyediting service – it’s a substantive review on the effectiveness of your copy given the reader, your offer, and call to action:

  • Sales letters
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Sell sheets
  • Lead generation letters
  • Landing pages
  • Web copy
  • Email marketing
  • Etc.


Here are several reasons you should consider buying my copy review service.

Sales Orientation: The copy I write isn’t written to win an award or be praised for its technical merit. I’m a guy who has crushed quotas and built overachieving sales teams around the world. The copy I write, the style I’ve adopted, and the methodology I follow are the very things I’ve personally used to generate leads and close sales with major corporations worldwide. I don’t care about technically correct copy, I write copy that motivates its reader to take appropriate action towards making a purchase.

That’s the perspective I have when I review your copy.

Unbiased Feedback: I don’t live in your day-to-day world, which means I’m not blinded by internal discussions, past experience, or compromises which may influence the way your copy reads. I look at your copy the way your intended reader does, looking for three key elements proven to motivate people to act.

Expert Opinion: Sales letters, white papers, case studies, and other marketing communications are not a theory business for me – I’ve had to create and actually use those tools to open sales opportunities and close business in some of the largest and most fiercely competitive accounts you can imagine. I don’t care if the way I do things are textbook or not –I only care if it works. And that’s the exact eye and approach I lend your copy.

I’ve actually used lead generation letters, white papers, case studies, and related MARCOM to open opportunities and close sales – selling multi-million dollar solutions to F1000 companies, including a number of F100 enterprises.

Bang for the Buck: This service is priced within the reach of every company. You’re spending thousands of dollars on your next campaign, both in real and soft dollars. The opportunity cost is likely in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a fraction of the cost you’re investing in your campaign, you can get my best thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and experience to increase its response. This service is an incredible value.

While I can’t guarantee the results of improving your copy, customers have reported noteworthy increases in inquiries, meetings, opportunities, and sales. If the copy you’re using now is not living up to your expectation of response or action, please look at this service.


Oh my gosh Jim! You have completely blown me away with your rewrite of my copy. Please use me as a referral as many times as you like.

~Dale U., CEO LeadLifter


Hi Jim,

I have to write many, many letters. I paid a copywriter once and all I got was my own words back to me. Haven’t had anyone since…Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! I love what you did to my letter. You now have a client for life. I am so impressed with the changes you made. I think everything is very clear…this letter looks good.

– three weeks later –

I just have to share with you – My letter is working!

I have just received full payment for one ad and have had several phone calls with questions. I am thrilled! None of my letters have ever gotten any kind of response so to have this kind of response so early is absolutely an answer to prayer.

~Joyce H., Preferred Contractors Network


Here is a letter I was sent to review.

Here is my review.

Here is the final letter. NOTE: Compared to the original, the final letter improved response 400%!

And here is another example with before and after copy.


I’ll give you my best thoughts, ideas, and guidance reviewing whatever copy you have for only $100 a page or URL (URLs are $100 per 500 words, round up to the nearest 500.).

There are no refunds. And the only guarantee is I will give you my best thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to improve and maximize the effectiveness of whatever you give me.


Ordering is a simple two-step process:

  1. Send me an email and attach the copy you’d like me to review. Tell me a bit about the target reader and what you’d like them to do after reading. If it’s a URL you’d like me to review, just send me the web address and provide the same insight into the reader and desired action mentioned earlier.
  2. After I reply and confirm I am ready to begin the review, complete the purchase via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll begin your review and get the improved copy back to you within 48 hours. If for some reason your review is likely to take more than 48 hours to complete, I’ll send you a message with a new expectation. In all cases, I’ll finish your review as soon as possible.

The email address to send me your copy for review is

NOTE: When checking out with PayPal, be sure to adjust the quantity of your purchase to the number of pages or URLs you wish me to review. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to complete your purchase. All debit/credit cards are accepted.

The most important customer communication you write in business is the one that introduces your company to targeted buyers. Following the program on this page, one of my clients documented a 400% increase in response, resulting in record sales – their result is shared by many others!