One of the common questions about core stories is how they are used in sales and marketing campaigns. This post will provide an example.


I don’t define a core story as an end, such as a presentation, white paper or case study. Rather, a core story is a way of positioning your company and offer that creates an orange in your market that’s hard to compare to apples offered by competitors. Core stories are a means, not an end.

As such, core stories are how you talk about your company, how you present your offer, and the position you create in the mind of your prospective customer. It’s the story of your business that’s woven into your website, sales letters, and conversations you have with prospective buyers.

Core stories speak to the worldview of your target audience, highlight the benefits you offer, make your difference part of the value discussion, and create kitchen logic reason to believe to speak further.

Here is a link to a lead generation letter written from a core story perspective of a real company. I redacted the letter, removing the company and sales person’s name, but it’s the actual letter sent as part of a lead generation campaign to create more qualified sale opportunities and rely less on price to win. The reported results were positive:

  • Sale staff found it easier to talk about their company and distinguish themselves from others
  • Prospective customers were reported to understand the value of the company making the contact much faster and helped steer conversations away from price and availability to the value of a business relationship
  • The number of sales opportunities increased in a short time
  • New business was won as a direct result of the letter

It may not be a market or industry you’re familiar with, but I’m sure you can see the core story throughout the letter.

The point of this post is to change the mindset that a core story is a thing you can hand someone. Core stories aren’t an end, they’re a means to the profitable end of increased sales.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss how a core story may help your business.


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