Difference empowers your core story because it makes it uniquely yours. It ties the things you do directly to the benefit your customer purchases. It starts the process of creating an orange to compare to the apples your competitors offer. Difference is part of the compelling reason to talk to you about the benefit(s) you offer. And it’s part of the reason to believe in you and believe in your ability to deliver the benefits you promise.

Your difference is all the things related to your benefit that’s part of your core story.

Things such as:

  • process
  • work history
  • tools
  • equipment
  • materials
  • features
  • functionality
  • packaging
  • support
  • documentation
  • options
  • diversity
  • terms
  • partnerships
  • joint ventures
  • facilities
  • guarantee

There is one caveat to the above list — your prospective customer has to care about it.

Difference your customer isn’t interested in is of no value. For example: The fact you offer widgets in 1000 colors is of no value to me if I only want to purchase black widgets. Conversely, the fact you offer 1000 configurable options on a product I want to employ numerous ways is relevant.

Difference is often related to the advantage you offer, which leads to benefits customers buy. And difference can be reasons to believe in the benefit you offer — more on this topic later.

To add oomph to your core story, create a list of things different about the things you do, the things you offer, and the benefits your customer’s purchase. Yo can refine the list later. For now, just go crazy listing everything you can that’s uniquely yours — things your prospective customer is likely to value. This points you in the direction of highlighting meaningful difference your customers value and prospects will consider buying.


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