I hope you found the two part, eight step process to create a core story helpful: Part 1, Part 2. And here is a link to an introduction to core stories, including information on why they are so important.

The process I presented is the exact framework I’ve used with many clients to help them talk about their companies and simplify the story of who they are and what they do. Using these eight steps, you can create a compelling story of your business. But there may be some of you who would like help — someone to work with and guide you through the steps to get the most out of each activity. If so, here’s an offer you may be interested in:

This offer is limited to two companies

I’d like to work through this process with two companies and share with the world the results of creating a compelling story of their business. This wouldn’t be a tell-all story of working together that reveals sensitive or potentially embarrassing details, but a behind the scenes look at how this process is used in a real company, step-by-step, whereby the results for each step and the thoughts behind them are shared.

Why this offer is limited

This is a limited offer because I’m using it to create a couple case studies — that’s how I’m going to share it with the world and how I have skin-in-the-game to be wildly successful with the project. I’d like to have two success stories working with companies to create their core story to support my 2012 business plan. I’m not currently launching core stories as a service, but am taking steps to do so in the coming months.

Here’s what you get out of this offer

Taking advantage of this offer gets my best. There’s no way I’m going to come up short in an offer to share with the world how I work with clients 🙂 And while there’s no realistic way to guarantee success, I can guarantee effort. And I can keep good on to promise to exercise my best experience and creativity to create your compelling core story.

As you’ll see below, you also are going to get one heck of deal in exchange for letting me tell the story of us working together.

Here’s what it costs

I haven’t settled on the price for this service, but want to make this limited offer a no-brainer. Since I need to get theses case studies underway to support launch plans in early 2012, you can take advantage of this offer for only $600 — that’s probably somewhere around 75% off the launch price, maybe more.

Here’s how we get started

Getting started is easy: let’s have a conversation and see if it makes sense. Contact me with your interest and we’ll get on the phone to talk a bit about your business. If it makes sense, then we’ll go forward. If nothing more comes of it, we’ll have met each other and had a nice conversation about business. Either way, there’s not much to lose.

Here’s how you can reach me.


UPDATE: This offer has expired — two case studies are underway!  Thanks to all who expressed interest.


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