The image above is a pic I took of my whiteboard yesterday following a conversation with a colleague — we were discussing core stories and their affect on marketing and sales efforts. The board holds the notes I wrote while sharing my thoughts.

[note]If you’re reading this post in an RSS reader or email format that doesn’t display the image, here’s the link to this post to read it on my site. Once there, you’ll see the pic.[/note]

The thing to highlight is your core story sits at the center of your marketing message and sales position. As you become more versed speaking about your business from the perspective of your core story, good things are expected to result: attracting qualified buyers, shortening your sales cycle, relying less on price to win, etc.

Core stories aren’t silver bullets, but their ability to provide marketing and sales oomph is undisputed.

If you find talking about your business is more difficult than it should be and your prospective customers aren’t getting it as fast or well as they ought to, a core story is something you should investigate.

Here’s a link to more information on core stories. Contact me if you’d like to explore the potential of a core story helping your business.


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