greedTry to find someone in business who says they don’t value their customers. It would be surprising if you found one – everyone values their customers.

Or so they say.

Valuing your customers is little different than loving someone – saying it isn’t enough.

For some, saying you value your customers translates to “I hope they continue to give me their money, I like that!” Otherwise, how would you explain service agreements with fine print, guarantees with caveats, misleading advertisements, discount gamesmanship, marketing double speak, direct mail gimmicks, limited customer service hours, slow response, voicemail mazes, lengthy lead times, missed commitments, lame excuses, undeveloped products, etc.?

It’s one thing to say you value a customer and their business, it’s another to demonstrate it. How you act defines what you feel. You are what you do.

If you value your customers, don’t say it, show it.

What say you?


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