If you’re like me, you’ve probably received a number of emails the past week or so from companies and organizations offering you best wishes in the holiday season. I’ve received no less than 15 such emails the past few days.

Two things I’ve noticed about these emails: 1) Some are genuine wishes for a joyous holiday 2) Some are sad attempts to mask a discount as a gift. The latter is a bad business decision.

Admittedly, this may be a matter of personal taste, but I don’t consider a gift to be the opportunity to buy something at a discount. To me, that’s merely a promotional offer. And promotions aren’t gifts.

My advice is keep things simple and straight forward. If you offer a gift, then make it a gift. And if you offer a discount, then offer it. But don’t confuse gifts with discounts. Offering me the opportunity to buy something from you at a discount isn’t a gift, it’s a sales promotion.

What say you?


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