I recently received an email invitation to a virtual direct marketing conference.

What’s so special about that?

Nothing. And that’s the point of this post.

The invitation told me I’d have the opportunity to schmooze with 2000+ peers from a listed name of companies.  It promised a jam-packed agenda of direct marketing education.

That’s pretty much it. No further mention of the agenda or education opportunities. No schedule of events. No mention of a benefit from participating. Nothing.

Worse, the email was full of cheesy copywriting. Disappointing is the email was from a direct marketing organization.

The lesson for all of us is when asking someone to take action (register, request, call, participate, etc.) we need to highlight how they gain from the action they take. What’s in it for them?

In the case of this email, they noted features and advantages (virtual conference, industry peers, networking, education), but failed to map them to a benefit worth owning (how I would gain from attending).

The question of why I should attend was never answered.

Food for thought.


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