Over a year ago I launched a program titled Getting In: Mastering the greatest sales skill of them all. It was delivered as a web-based membership site.

The cost was $57.

I’m giving it to you for FREE

At the time, my business model was more akin to that of a blog. Today, Saleskick is a business — the Getting In model doesn’t wholly apply. That’s not so say Saleskick won’t offer a web-based program in the future — it surely will.  It just won’t be offered in the Getting In format.

That said, Getting In was positively received. And it’s yours at no cost.

I’m going to give it to you in a slightly different format than originally delivered, but the content will be the same. The original delivery was screencast presentations. I’m giving it away as a written narrative.

Other than that, nothing is changed

So, sit-back and ready yourself for the first of numerous posts on Getting-In:  Mastering the greatest sales skill of them all. 

Following is the a take from the original promotional materials. I’ll start posting the content tomorrow 🙂


Getting in is arguably the greatest skill a salesperson needs to meet and exceed quota.

Yes, closing is a critical skill, but as with most other sales skills, it has dependencies. Getting in is fairly independent, as far as skills go.

If you can’t get in, the meeting never happens. You can’t engage, discuss, present or persuade until you’re in. Until you’re in, you can’t qualify, advance or close – all important sales skills themselves.

You can create lead generation programs to get in, but that’ s being invited. Getting in is about creating the invitation as the party is about to or recently began.

The purpose of this kit is to arm you with the information necessary to get in to accounts. If you can’t get in, you can’t sell.

This kit is comprised of 11 modules. Each module is a screencast up to 25+ minutes long:

  • Module 1 — The truth — Why access to decision makers is difficult
  • Module 2 — Success starts with your worldview — it probably needs to change
  • Module 3 — The secret to success — no one wants to buy the things you have to sell
  • Module 4 — You only have five options to reach decision makers, embrace them
  • Module 5 — Why social media is a waste of time if you’re working against a quota
  • Module 6 — The naked truth about cold calling and what you need to do
  • Module 7 — The modern myth of direct mail
  • Module 8 — Lead nurturing’s place in the sale and what you should be prepared to do
  • Module 9 — The most important thing to do before your big meeting
  • Module 10 — If you screw this up, you’re toast
  • Module 11 — What you should do next and why

This kit is jam-packed with practical, proven, and easily employable information to help you reach more decision makers. Everything in this kit has been personally used by me and my clients to reach countless decision makers and sell tens of million of dollars worth of products and services.




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