UPDATE: This is a repost of an earlier blog looking for CRM recommendations. I’m reposting to see if any new solutions should be on my radar.


I’d like your help selecting a CRM solution to promote to my clients and audience — I’d like to affiliate with a CRM provider.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Hosted solution
  • Built with B2B complex sales environments in mind
  • Easy to customize around a sales process
  • Subscription-based plan with no long term commitment
  • Easy to export data should a user decided in the future to move to another platform

These requirements are basic so, it shouldn’t eliminate many solutions on the surface. But it’s the requirements I’ll use to evaluate each solution you recommend.

There’s one more thing I’m looking for — I’d like the solution to be something you believe too many people overlook. I’d like to promote a solution from a solid company that’s not as widely used or promoted as you feel it should be.

You can drop your recommendation into the comments below or send me a message. If your recommendation is a solution you make or sell — no worries.

I’ll evaluate all of the solutions you recommend and let you know in a future post which one I chose and why. I won’t bad-mouth any solution I don’t choose.

Thanks for your help!


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