videoIt’s greatly a B2B thing and I understand some of you will disagree, but it doesn’t matter if the production of a product or service demonstration video isn’t broadcast quality.

What matters is you show prospective and existing customers how to take advantage of the features and functionality you offer to do sometime meaningful in their business and have confidence in your company as a supplier.

Video can help people quickly understand complex topics, understand what’s unique about your business, and identify the difference between your company and a competitor.


I’ve worked with far more than one client who struggles with the best way to communicate the value of their products and services. In describing it to me, some clients walk me through a demonstration of unique features and functionality they offer than does unique and valuable things in a client environment. These demonstrations often end with a statement along the lines of “We wish we had a simple way to say that.” My standard answer is “Why not just show them?” The reply is typically a refusal because they don’t have the money to produce a quality video.


Simple Solution

The obvious solution is to just shoot the video yourself. It doesn’t matter if the video is from a smartphone, handheld camera, or camcorder of some sort. Just turn the camera on, talk about the feature or functionality you’re about to demonstrate in terms of the meaningful benefits it enables, and post them on your company blog.

The videos don’t have to be long. In fact, make them focused and short:

  • Us it as an opportunity to say something pointed to your target audience
  • Share them on your blog and social media as part of a content marketing strategy to create conversations and attract target audiences
  • Create website categories targeted toward prospective buyers as a portfolio of sort to leverage throughout the sales cycle
  • Let the informality of the videos present a real and sincere view of your company

 Options Galore

The opportunities to use online video are vast  and can be highly effective in attracting target audiences and helping establish buying criteria:

  • Demonstrate how clients use the unique features and functionality you offer to do something meaningful in their business
  • Show how you test or package products to demonstrate quality
  • Highlight your work environment to create and foster a sense of realism and trust in your business
  • Record candid feedback from a client following a purchase, installation, or use of your product or service to create a testimonial
  • Have an employee describe how they respond to clients or perform a task in your business
  • Show staff onsite installing, testing, unpacking, cleaning, repairing, etc.

Use these simple videos to tell a story about your business.

Be Informal

Broadcast videos look great, but they aren’t necessary. In fact, too much polish can look staged and a bit insincere. Instead, grab your video recorder and start talking. The informality of the activity and candid moments go a long way to creating trust. And the things you demonstrate help target audiences get it faster.

There is a lot more to say about the value of using video in your lead generation and sales activities — the point of this post isn’t to be exhaustive on the subject.

The point of this post is you shouldn’t forego the benefits of video to tell the compelling story of your business because you don’t have the budget to hire a production company. Don’t worry about quality, it’s often overvalued.

That said, production companies can help tremendously. But not having the money to invest in video production shouldn’t be a barrier to leveraging the benefits of video to position and promote your business.

How have you used video in your marketing and sales efforts? If so, how and what were the results? Do you agree or disagree with me that quality is overvalued? Why?

What say you?


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