B2B Sales Coach

I currently have an opening in my coaching program. It’s a limited program so, I will fill the opening and then continue with a waiting list.

If you’re not familiar with my coaching program, you can learn more here.

Here are examples of things others have used my coaching program to achieve:

  • 300% increase in effectiveness of direct mail campaign
  • 28% increase in on-line leads for a niche product
  • create a market entry strategy
  • develop a series of emails as part of a lead generation campaign
  • establish a multi-year business plan
  • define operating priorities
  • profile target accounts
  • create a unique selling proposition
  • develop an account entry strategy
  • create and establish a competitive position
  • refine core message
  • train new-hire sales staff

Unique about my coaching program, supported by feedback from my clients, is I’m a real person with real experience:

  • I’ve sold multi-million dollar complex solutions to some of the largest and most competitive accounts in the world
  • I’ve opened new markets across the US and beyond and have built sales teams and channels of distribution that consistently performed at and above quota
  • I’ve served on executive teams, served as an officer in publicly and privately held companies, and have first-hand experience working with board members, shareholders, and investors from highly respected venture capital firms.

None of this experience guarantees results, but it’s the body of knowledge and experience I bring to my clients.

Jim is detailed, informative and an expert in all things sales. If you’re in the market for a sales coach or business coach look no further. Hell, even if you’re not in the market do yourself a favor and just reach out to Jim and see what he can offer you. Feel free to send me a message to get the details on what he did for my company in only 4 weeks.

~William D., Hybrid Racing

My approach to coaching is it’s about teaching others to think on their own. I not only participate in the creation of my client’s success, I teach them how to continue their success after we’ve ceased working together. This teach a man to fish approach to coaching allows business people to maximize their knowledge of their industry, market, customers, and competition to in turn maximize their revenue opportunity.

Contact me if you’re interested in exploring how my coaching program can help you and your business.


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