storytellingI come into contact with a number of companies who are great at the things they do, but aren’t the logical choice in their market. They want to be, but aren’t. And they’re frustrated with the thoughts of why they don’t have more sales opportunities, why sales opportunities take so long to mature, why there’s so much price pressure in every deal, and why they don’t close more business.

They’re not the logical choice.

The logical choice is the company it makes perfect sense to work with. Buyers know it when they see it. Competitors can take shots at it, but most miss or are easily deflected.

The logical choice is a position you carve in the mind of a prospect that ties their worldview to the things you do in your business. It’s the reason you do the things you do. It’s what logically sets you apart from competition and excuses arguments against you.

The logical choice is the story of your business that makes such great sense it compels prospects to engage with your company. It attracts target audiences — people get it. You communicate and reinforce the logical choice in everything you do.

The question for you is Are you the logical choice in your market?

If not, why? What’s missing from your story?


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