gold-credit-cardYou’ve been pre-selected to receive a Gold credit card!

That’s what the envelope and letterhead says.  No caveats, except for a tiny cross sign after the words pre-selected.  Looking lower in the text, the tiny cross sign says to see the reverse side of the document.

Looking on the other side, I find as I expect, a statement saying I’ve been specifically selected to receive this offer for credit.

It’s nothing but another unsolicited, cleaver, vaguely worded, misleading offer to apply for credit.

This is a pet peeve of mine, but is anyone else bothered by this trash?

The whole purpose of this letter is to trick me into applying.  It’s worded and disguised as thought I’m somehow already approved.  In reality, they want me to apply.  But they never say that.  In fact, they make it as hard as possible for me to find the language that explains this is an application.

Even the application is a lie.  The title of the application is Acceptance Certificate.  And the pre checked box on the application says YES! SEND ME THIS CARD.

So, do you feel as I do that this is BS?  Are you too sick of cheap tricks and gimmicks intended to fool us into taking action?  Or do you this is perfectly fine, just a cleaver trick in a dog-eat-dog world?


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