B2B Sales Coach

A good amount of work I do with clients is providing expert advice to B2B sales professionals, revenue managers, and sales leaders to help open, qualify, advance, and close more sales opportunities — sales coaching.

This 1:1 service is proven to be a great way to train new sales reps, focus sales management efforts, and get specialized feedback and guidance on particular sales activities.

It’s a broad-based service with a lot of practical applications.

How it typically works

This service is typically centered on weekly telephone calls with periodic conversations and email between calls. Conversations and other exchanges are driven by events and ongoing issues my client is working to address.

I don’t limit the time on calls, number of emails, or time we spend together whatsoever. If we talk every day, that’s OK. We just work together as colleagues would would were we sharing the same location.

Jim is detailed, informative and an expert in all things sales. If you’re in the market for a sales coach or business coach look no further. Hell, even if you’re not in the market do yourself a favor and just reach out to Jim and see what he can offer you. Feel free to send me a message to get the details on what he did for my company in only 4 weeks.

~William Davidson, Hybrid Racing

I know a lot of people offering a similar service typically limit the amount of contact to a set number of hours or interactions each month, but I’ve never worked with anyone who abused my open door and unlimited access policy. I’d rather help someone than put them off or ask for more money just because we happened to talk yesterday or exceeded a time limit. As long as you don’t abuse my time, we’re good 🙂

Things clients use this service to accomplish

Clients use this service for a variety of reasons including: improve cold calling effectiveness, work through lead generation issues, train new sales team members, establish sales performance metrics, and tweak sales processes.

I’ve used this service to work with clients to help bring new sales staff up-to-speed, set compensation policies, troubleshoot stagnant sales performance, help hire new salespeople, vet sales channels, and review sales forecasts, as well as help establish booking and revenue policies.

Again, it’s a broad-based service with a lot of practical applications.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about how sales coaching may be able to benefit your business. Without obligation we can have a no-pressure conversation to explore whether or not working together makes sense — a sanity check of sort to see if an opportunity exists for a win/win relationship.


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