Years ago, I was prompted by a client to offer a service critiquing their copywriting. The service was simple, to provide meaningful feedback on copy they wrote to improve its effectiveness.

I offered that service for a number years and then decided to pull it from my offer. At the time, I was moving my services more into the coaching and consulting space and the copy review service didn’t quite fit my professional interests. That said, it was a good service that was positively received.

Thinking about that time, I’ve decided to renew the service and again offer it to those it may help.

This isn’t a simple proofreading or copy editing service. This is a service to upgrade your copy to reach your target audience and communicate your call to action – a substantive review with pointed commentary and suggestions to give it more oomph.

This is a cost-effective service specifically designed to improve your copy – website, sales letters, brochures, white papers, articles, blog posts, case studies, landing page, etc.

Here’s where you can learn more about this service, as well as see an example of the service and find information on how to begin.



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