JIm Logan, CopywriterIt’s obvious I’m a copywriter. But for many of my clients, it’s a weird kinda secret — I have two personas online πŸ™‚

Many of my clients know me as a sales consultant providing coaching and traditional consulting services. Other clients know me as a copywriter, never having experienced the consulting services I provide.

Truth is, copywriting is something I’ve provided as a service for over a decade, but until recently, I never marketed myself in that vein.

Copywriting is a natural outcome of many of the consulting projects I undertake — re-positioning a sales organization or company. Most consulting engagements have a copywriting project on the back-end. A couple years ago I started taking copywriting projects head-on, without a leading engagement.

To me, a lot of copywriting and consulting engagements are a matter of semantics — call it what you want. The reason is no one wants to buy copywriting or consulting. People want to buy a result: most commonly engaging with a market, generating leads or simply selling more of the things they have available to sell today. Chasing those needs, some seek a consultant, others seek a copywriter. Both paths lead to me.

The commonality of clients I work with are they are primarily technology and professional service companies engaged in B2B complex sales. I help my clients be recognized by target audiences as the logical choice in their market.

Here are a number of topics I’ve covered as a copywriter over the past few months. Some assignments are ghost writing for executives to help establish thought leadership, others are lead and revenue generation oriented:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Managing legal spend and outside counsel
  • Managing legislative delays to ICD-10 implementations (healthcare)
  • Mobility and security issues in healthcare IT
  • Engineering services to manage fuel lines and metering
  • Project management solutions

As I mentioned earlier, some of the writing projects I undertake are to help establish thought leadership, others are to attract new clients and support sales opportunities:

  • Ghost writing articles and blog posts
  • Lead generation letters
  • Landing pages
  • Sales letters
  • Phone scripts
  • White papers
  • Case studies

So, if you’re part of the world who never associated my name with copywriting, welcome. And if you’ve known me as a copywriter, there’s a look at the breadth of work I fulfill. Regardless, if you have a future need for copy, please consider me — I’d love the opportunity to earn your business.



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