I really enjoy my coaching program. I must admit, when I first launched the program, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it. You never know what will come of a new offering or what it will bring you.

In the case of my coaching program, I really didn’t know what to expect. And I didn’t know if it it would make a difference.

Now in it’s third year, what I’ve learned is I really enjoy providing the service and its made a significant difference for many people. Like any consulting service, it’s impossible to guarantee an outcome, but I’m overwhelmed with the results of the service shared by so many clients.

The thought behind the service is simple — it’s a low risk,  cost effective way to provide experience, advice, and guidance to individuals and small companies who need it.  More importantly, it’s a way to provide assistance to people who want it.

You see, that’s been the greatest lesson I’ve learned from providing the service — wanting something is more valuable than needing it.

The secret to success

The successes I’ve been part of in no small way have been realized because the people I’m working with are taking action. Each of them sought me as part of a solution to change their future. And while I believe in many cases I was able to provide some breakthrough thoughts and ideas, reality is that’s all they are — thoughts and ideas — until someone acts on them.

My coaching program is a success because it’s attracting the right people — people who are taking responsibility for their success.

Everyone wants to win — that’s not the issue. The issue, always, is who’s willing to do something about it and work hard enough to win.

What got me thinking of this is I’m expanding my coaching program. When thinking about how to announce it, I first thought I’d describe some of the ways its been used by others. That led me to thinking about some of the successes resulting from the program.  That led me here 🙂

Success isn’t chance. The truth is there’s no guarantee or right of success. The greater truth is those that take action are more successful that others.

I’m expanding my coaching program

In summary, the coaching program includes unlimited access to me via phone, email or fax. The  program provides business leaders and professionals unlimited access to feedback and guidance on particular topics of sales, business development, lead generation, and customer service initiatives, campaigns, and operations.

The highest compliment I can pay Jim is that he makes me think — about everything. A tremendous visionary, peerless communicator and gifted salesperson, Jim has developed a (deserved) reputation as one of the few “go-to” guys when you need real-world business advice.

~ Matthew H.

There are no limits in this program relative to the things we can work on together. And the copy review service I offer is included in this program — up to 10 pages or five 500 word URLs each month.

This program has proven to be a tremendous value and can deliver a big result.

Months from now one of three basic scenarios will be true about your business

We can’t stop time.  Months from now you’re likely still going to be in business. For some, that may not be a good thing — more of the same may not be tolerable. For others, the reality of continuing with your business may be the most exciting time of your professional life.

Regardless of where you find yourself, one of three realities exist:

  1. Things then will be the same as they are today. Your sales forecast will look about the same. Your level of activity will be the same and so will your chances of revenue success. For some of you, this may be a good thing. For others, this may be a problem.
  2. Things could be worse.  Your sales activity may fall a bit. And your revenue outlook may weaken. Month after month, you may be lowering expectations of revenue performance and looking for ways to further tighten your company belt.
  3. Things may be better.  Your sales activity may increase and your revenue outlook may strengthen. Each month you may be adding to your pipeline of activity and your sales cycle may shorten. Exceeding quota may be a new and real consideration.

I have no idea which of the three scenarios your business will experience. It’s impossible to tell what path you will follow.

But I know one thing for certain:  I can’t help you with the first two scenarios — but this program was designed to hep you experience the third.

Here’s why you should care

It sounds a bit silly I guess — telling you why you should care about this program. Silly in a way because one reason is about you, the other is about me.

Our experience with Jim Logan has been exceptional. We went from sporadically setting an appointment every week or two to consistently hitting weekly appointment goals. We are extraordinary pleased with the materials, service, and support he has provided, and would recommend his services to any business that wants to measurably improve their marketing success and make a friend in the process.

~ Ethan D.

The reason about you is the silly part, because you already know.  This program is about making a change in your business. It’s about changing the way you look at and speak about the things you do.  After this program, you’ll never again think about your business the same as you do today. For some this will be an enlightening experience — creating a paradigm shift in the way you interact with prospective and life ling customers. You should care because the opportunity to gain from a change is great.

The part about me is simple, but a bit hard to say

I’ve never been one to brag. If you know me or have followed my work online for very long, you know how much an understatement that very fact is. I can’t even come to say this except at the end of a long page of copy — I’m very good at what I do.

I’m a real person with real experience. I’ve personally sold multi-million dollar complex solutions to some of the largest and most competitive accounts in the world. I’ve opened new markets across the US and beyond and have built sales teams and channels of distribution that consistently performed at and above quota.

I’ve served on executive teams, served as an officer in publicly and privately held companies, and have first-hand experience working with board members, shareholders, and investors from highly respected venture capital firms. None of this experience guarantees results, but it’s the body of knowledge and experience I bring to my clients.

I have worked with many business/marketing professionals, but none hold a candle to Jim’s skill level. Jim has a unique ability to synthesize complex, technical offerings and articulate a market identity and message that effectively communicates and creates interest in the offering.

~ Richard H.

People in business are talented in many different ways. Some are gifted speakers, writers, problem solvers, etc. My gift is understanding markets and the people within them. I’ve always been able to breakdown markets and arrive at messages that open sales opportunities. I create stories that people enjoy telling and hearing…and most importantly acting in response to.

Without tricks, gimmicks or playing business like a game of who’s the greater fool, I know how to teach businesses and people how to make money and grow profitably. And that’s why you should care.

I’m still blown away [months later] with the results I am getting from the letters you reworked when I was in the coaching program.

~ Luke H.

Act now

Contact me if you’re interested in my coaching program and want to learn more about how it may benefit your business.

Your ideas work like a charm!

~ Fernando L


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