There are countless things you can do as a marketer.  But that’s never the point. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

What you should be doing are the few things that best reach your target audience with a compelling message and call to action that creates sales and revenue opportunities.

It’s painfully easy to start a blog, open a twitter account, update Facebook, etc. But the issue isn’t can we do these things. The question to ask is should we do them?

Social media is more popular than ever. And more and more people are opening accounts and tipping their toe in a number of social networking services. But are your customers there?

If the people you sell to aren’t online looking for the products and services you offer, then why are you fishing there?

Yes, the world is changing. But are the decision makers in your sales and marketing life hanging out on twitter, reading blogs, etc.?  If not, you likely shouldn’t either — your time is better spent elsewhere.

Food for thought.

What say you?


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