One of the best things you can do to promote your business is help prospective and existing clients better understand how to use and get more out of the products and services you sell them. Along the lines of a case study and customer success story, nothing is more powerful than showing others how real people use your products and services in real situations.

Evernote_Icon_256Evernote Leads the Way

Evernote is a great example of how corporate blogs can be used to attract would-be clients, promote services, and demonstrate value in both the things you do and the things you do for your customers.

For example, here is how Evernote uses their blog to show prospective clients how others use their products and services, demonstrate best practices, and educate prospects and customers alike on the business value of features and functionality:

Notice how their posts are visually stimulating, demonstrative, and educational. They share how others are using their products and services in real work-life situations, helping you understand both the things they do and the things they can do for you.

You Can Do the Same in Your Business

While Evernote does a great with their blog, it isn’t something only they can do. The same approach can be taken to any business:

  • Profile features and functionality, demonstrating how they enable something meaningful in the use of your products and services
  • Show how clients use your product or service in realistic day-to-day situations
  • Have clients guest post, telling the story of how your company helps them achieve something meaningful in their business
  • Share ideas how your products and services can be combined with others to create a value superset
  • Focus on the business use of the things you do

The idea is to talk to your prospects and customers in causal terms, showing them time and again how to use the things you offer to achieve something they value — that’s what people are looking for and trying to understand when visiting your website and considering whether or not to become a customer.

Sell more — faster by showing prospects and clients how they can use your products and services as others have to achieve something meaningful in their business and daily lives.

What say you?


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