ideaReading a local publication earlier this morning, I noticed a couple real estate ads printed next to each other. Both ads read the same — name, rank and serial number.

And both ads offered the same reason to call the respective agent – longevity. One agent had been selling real estate for 20 years. The other agent has sold real estate for 15 years.

I know what each agent intended to imply by stating their longevity as a real estate professional. But why should I care? Is a 20 year agent more valuable to me than a 15 year agent? If so, is a person who claims 30 years on the job more valuable than them both?

Of course not.

What each should have done is quantify their longevity in a way that’s meaningful to prospective customers – dollar volume of real estate sold, number of homes sold last month and year, average time it takes for their listing to sell, etc.

When I see years lived touted as a value, my eyes roll. The number of years you’ve spent on your job or position isn’t important. What’s important is what you’ve accomplished and are capable of doing that matters most.

Do you agree or disagree?  Why?


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