So, you don’t have a pile of money to brand and market your business?

Neither do countless small businesses across the country. Small businesses have to make the most of every dollar spent to create a look-n-feel for their business and promote it.

Consistency is the greatest brand of them all and the wisest way to spend your marketing dollars. Best of all, it doesn’t add an incremental cost to you current efforts. By consistent, I mean everything you have and offer – font, color, logo, message etc. is consistent.

Every time your company is noticed or presented, it should look the same. The message should be consistent whenever it’s told — words, pictures, colors, etc.

Consistency is the best way to maximize your marketing dollars and get the most out of your branding efforts.

Jay Lipe offers a list of marketing communications to review for consistency and points out a few common things to look for. It’s as timely today as the day it first published.



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