Not long ago, I found a message in my inbox from a group I belong to asking a question about  trade shows – What is the most creative Pre-Trade Show mailer you have done or heard of other companies doing? They were seeking creative ways to drive traffic their trades how booth.

It’s the wrong question to ask, but it’s telling.

Here’s the question they should be asking: What’s the most effective way to attract quality visitors to our trade show booth?

Asking about the most creative way to attract traffic leads to things like stuffing envelops with ceramic birds, hiring a magician to stand in front of your booth, collecting business cards in a punchbowl as part of a golf club giveaway, and countless other low-quality, sales wasting activities, tricks, and gimmicks.

The telling part is the suggestion creativity is the valued component of marketing as opposed to winning new customers and growing revenue. Marketing’s goal shouldn’t be to be creative, it should be to attract more opportunity than the company’s sales team could possibly handle.

What say you?


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