Sometimes all you have to do is make a call or send an email.  Just ask, follow-up.  Being there is half the battle.  Often that’s all you need to do to surface a new order — make contact.

When someone buys from you, the first thought that ought to enter your mind is What else may they need?

Often people buy things from us because they’ve reasoned a need for something.  They acted on their worldview and exercised a purchase.  That’s great!

But often there’s more.

The person making the purchase is somewhat blinded by their worldview — they have a perspective and way of looking at things that led to the decision to make a purchase.  But their way of looking at things may not consider all thoughts, ideas, and angles.

Enter the expert.

You are the expert of what you do.  Don’t under estimate it.  Daily, you live the decision your customer may be making but once in a blue moon. Your perspective of their purchase may result in something different — a greater win/win whereby the buyer gains more from purchasing beyond their initial order and you benefit more because your expertise results in a greater average transaction value.

The idea is to follow-up. Take a careful look at what people are buying from you and truly understand why — what are they trying to accomplish, how can you help them achieve it, and can you add more value simply by engaging and talking to them about their purchase.  What may result is a greater level of customer satisfaction and volume of purchase.

Money may move from the table to your pocket.

What do you think?


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