It’s tempting, but don’t do it.  Under no circumstance should you ever simply give someone a quote.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t quote your product or service.  I’m saying you should never simply give a quote when asked for one.

You should present it.

When you give a quote, the emphasis in on price and cost — both are commodities.  This is the fast path to discussion on discounts, terms, and conditions.  Quoting leads to comparison shopping and raises price in the hierarchy of buying decisions.

When you present a quote, you emphasis value — positioning the price of your product or service in support of achieving or avoiding something worthy of spending money to own.

Presentation doesn’t have to be elaborate.  A simple statement or two may suffice for lesser strategic purchases.  In other cases a page or two explaining how the offer you’re making is well thought and intended to achieve something valued by your prospect is best.

The idea is the same in all cases — make your price stand for something more than the simple cost of ownership.

What say you?

Do you present quotes or merely hand them over?  Is presenting a quote worth the trouble –or– is the whole thing overstated?


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