There are few new tricks to marketing. I’m too lazy to link to an independent reference, but you don’t need one. Everyone in the business knows it’s true. There are no new tricks.

There are old tactics wrapped in new technology, giving the look of new. But are they really?

For example, content marketing is touted as new, but it hardy is. Companies have been marketing and selling with white papers, case studies, application notes, and other resource information to tout their brand and open relationships for far longer than I can remember. Far longer than the invent of the Internet and social media.

Marketing and sales continues to be about communicating value to target audiences, compelling interest, and engaging with decision makers.

The point I want you to consider is this – just because something is touted as new, doesn’t mean it is. Odds are it’s not. More likely, what’s new is something old that’s been repackaged with technology of the day.

And when something is labeled old that  doesn’t mean it no longer works. Even Google is using direct mail to boost its business revenue.

Don’t be afraid to try something old. Old works given circumstance and three things: be honest, sincere, and direct. Those are classic approaches that have and will work forever. They’re always appreciated.

What say you?


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