"Not only did Jim's work provide tremendous results, he also taught me about marketing and showed me a new way to look at business." ~Luke H., Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals

Driving Mechanisms

Time: 10:20

This podcast explains the value of driving mechanisms and how sales staff and management alike can use them to qualify and advance a sales opportunity, as well as increase the accuracy of your sales forecast.

Connecting with Reluctant Listeners

Time: 04:33

If you’re having a difficult time getting people to accept your appointment or respond to your offer, look first at what you’re offering in return. Are you offering something of real value? If not, that’s your problem.

Three Teleprospecting Tips

Time: 09:39

A commonly cited problem with cold calling is it’s an unwelcome interruption and merely a shot in the dark. Here are three big picture tips to avoid this problem and get more out of your lead generation phone calls.