A commonly cited problem with cold calling is it’s an unwelcome interruption and merely a shot in the dark. Both ills result in a colossal waste of time — the first risks damage to your reputation and the second is a numbers game.

There’s a problem with this problem.

1. If the call you receive is irrelevant and unwelcome, the problem is with the preparation before the call, not the call itself. The person making the call failed to do their homework before they picked-up the phone.

The fact you were interrupted and didn’t welcome the call is a sign of irrelevancy. The fact you receive more irrelevant than relevant calls is the opportunity.

2. All sales activities are at some level a numbers game. Anyone working on a quota knows their success is determined by the time remaining in the reporting period, their average sales cycle, close ratio, and the ratio of suspects who convert to prospects. Regardless of methodology, a salesperson has to fill their pipeline to a given point to assure they can meet your quota.

The fact you call X people to create Y meetings to advance Z sales opportunities to close a given amount of business is fine. There’s no evil in that equation.

The problem with the problem with cold calling is there is no problem. The real issue with cold calling is preparation and technique — the use itself is valid.

What say you?


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