Some of the lead generation cold calling you do results in speaking to an administrative assistant — a gatekeeper instructed to keep people who reach the principal to a minimum.

Gatekeepers are effective at sounding encouraging, when in reality they’re establishing a barrier to salespeople — “Please send us some information we can review…Yes, we received your package. We’re not interested now, but will keep you under consideration….We’ll call you when we have a need.”

The thing to remember about gatekeepers is they are told who not to let through — mostly salespeople. And they are told who they should let through — businesspeople.

Gatekeepers can’t make business decisions, therefore people calling about business issues have a better chance of gaining access than people who call about their products and services.

Talk more about the results of the work you do, the types of decisions you enable, etc. as the reason you want to speak with the principal. Limit the conversation of you being a salesperson wanting to talk about your offering — avoid the use of sales titles.

Focus on the things you do for the prospects you’re calling, not the things you do — the gatekeeper has a more difficult time running interference when you do.


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