This could be a longer post, but it’s not necessary. Here’s the punchline: Sell now!

It honestly amazes me the number of companies and business leaders who seemingly have no sense of urgency. I know of one company who for the past four years has been working on their marketing message and sales plan. I don’t mean refining it and constantly improving it as most businesses do — I mean spending tens of thousands of dollars with one consultant, firm, and another to restart the process time-and-again.

The problem isn’t the plan, it’s the lack of execution. Restarting has become part of the daily internal business process — part of the routine.

It’s like the weekly or monthly meeting you always have… because you’ve always had it. Or the report you always submit… because it’s always been submitted. Some companies continually have a re-branding, positioning, and re-launch program underway because they always have.

Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim… it’s the way to run a successful business.  At some point, you have to fire!

Food for thought.


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