I’ve never been comfortable with the notion Interruption Marketing is dead or that Permission Marketing is somehow more pure and honest.

The truth most permission marketers don’t tell you, or may not understand, is permission and interruption marketing both rely on relevance to be successful. Without relevance, permission marketing is dead in the water.

No one will request, subscribe, friend, follow, or otherwise engage with permission-based marketing that isn’t relevant. When relevance is lost, the one-time follower goes away.

And no one has ever been offended by an interruption that is relevant. You can mail, call, email, or visit anyone and be welcome if the interruption is relevant to the need, interest, and desire of the person you’re contacting.

When you’re relevant, you’re acknowledged, listened to, and valued. It has nothing to do with whether or not you offered permission or interrupted.

As marketers and sales professionals, we need to focus on relevance, that’s the rub. We have to understand our prospective customers and their industry. We have to be experts and thought leaders in the areas of professional interest of our target audience. We have to be relevant to the needs, wants, and desires of the clients we serve.

And when we are, our prospects won’t care if we interrupted them on the first contact and they’ll long appreciate the permission we’ve extended to build a relationship.

Food for thought. What say you?


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