SEO 2.0 is hardly a new term. And in the age of the Internet, it’s hardly new.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, it can be over-simplified as the evolution of search from technology-driven initiatives to match searchers to information to a more human approach of presenting search results.

SEO 1.0 was more more about tags, keyword stuffing, and other on-site tweaking of content. SEO 2.0 is more about authority, quality content, and the relationships you build with your online audience.

I’ll write a lot more on this subject in the future — I’m barely touching on it now. But there is a message you need to understand sooner than later: Ranking high in search results today, more than ever, is about giving readers the quality and authoritative content they’re looking for. And it will be more-so true tomorrow.

If you’re not blogging, investing in content marketing or engaging in social media, you’re going to be invisible on the Internet. And focusing on website optimization, keyword stuffing, manual link building, one way communication etc. is going to work against you.

The relationships you build with your web audience is what you ought to be focusing on. It’s the engine of SEO 2.0.


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