patheticThat’s what I was told when I stopped to briefly meet with a local executive. I was there without an appointment, but had a legitimate reason to be there, apologized in advance for not having an appointment, stated what I was there for, and gave good reason for being there unannounced. 

A cursory search for the person I was looking to meet resulted in their staff telling me the person wasn’t there. As I left, I met another staff member who told me the person I was looking for was sitting inside.

I had been lied to.

Why not just tell me the truth? Tell me the person I wanted to meet isn’t available right now, ask me if someone else can help me, tell me when it’s best to call or visit, ask me if my matter can be handled via email or written message.

But don’t lie to me.

Yes, people do this all the time. It doesn’t make it right, it just makes it pervasive. People hiding behind voicemail, email, assistants, and staff.


If you can’t handle the responsibilities of the job, don’t take it.


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