Crumpled question marks heapI just clicked on a link to download a white paper on salesforce trends — it required registration.

I closed the tab.

I don’t want the report enough to take the time to fill-out the registration form. And I don’t care to share my contact information with the author or sponsoring organization.

On one hand, I’m probably not a prospective customer for whatever offer the white paper led to.

On the other hand, I’ll never know. And I’ll never be able to tell you about it because I won’t be reading it. In fact, this is about all I can tell you about the white paper.

Here is the question

Is it better to offer a white paper only to people who register to receive it -or- Is it best to freely distribute a white paper to whomever is remotely interested?

My vote is for the second option. I’d rather have the white paper in as many hands as possible — have lots of people reading and talking about it. I’d add a call to action at the end that qualifies the reader and leads them to me. That’s worked well for me in the past.

Which do you believe is the best way to distribute a white paper: require registration to receive it or openly give it away? Why?


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