An early morning conversation led to me think of this post. The point of that post is worth reminding us all — the problem with the problem with old calling is there is no problem.

For all the talk against so-called interruption marketing, there’s a part missing in the complaint — if the interruption is something you value, it’s not an interruption.

Extreme example:  If you’re woke in the middle of the night by someone at your door and it turns out to be Publisher’s Clearinghouse awarding you a $1M check, that’s hardly an interruption you’d find revolting.

The same applies to B2B complex sales.

If you’re interrupting someone to tell them about your newest product or feature release, don’t be surprised if your call is considered negative or your letter is labeled junk.  Likewise, don’t believe for a second the call or direct mail piece you send to an executive offering them something they value won’t be welcome.

The issue isn’t interruption — it’s relevancy.

Businesspeople always have time for a relevant call that adds value to their business.

Do you agree or disagree?  Why?


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