squarepegAre you fixing a problem that isn’t watched, measured or monitored by your target market?  If so, you’re wasting your time and your offering will never sell.

You can have the greatest, most feature rich offering in the world, but if your target market doesn’t value the problem you solve or the opportunity you enable, you’re never going to have revenue success.  At best, you’ll be opportunistic.  And your product or service is effectively worthless.

Your prospects will tell you “It’s great!”, you’ll have wonderful meetings, and little to no sales.

You’re trying to force square pegs into round holes.  It won’t work.

Look at what you offer and compare it to what your target market measures, manages, and watches.  If they don’t…you have two choices 1) re-position your offer to align with something they value 2) find a way to make whatever you’re addressing an issue that needs to be watched, measured or managed.

BTW…The second thing is near impossible.  What do you think?


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