If you’re in business of any sort you know the power, wealth, and tremendous value of having loyal customers. Loyal customers love to brag about their favorite shops, eateries, local hangouts, and service providers – they help your business on a rainy day and sneeze louder than any marketing campaign you could ever launch.

Loyal customers buy more and buy more often.

And there’s an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to earn and keep loyal customers — just work for them.

Work for your customers by:

  • following-up before they can
  • calling to ask how things went after an event
  • sending a note of appreciation
  • telling them how much you value their business
  • asking for input before it’s offered
  • predicting their next need
  • admitting guilt when you’re at fault
  • delivering bad news before they even notice it

Put your customer’s need, wants, and desires ahead of your own and you’ll earn loyalty that grows your business like nothing else you’ve ever done.

What say you?


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