You see this in youth sports all the time — players being coached on how to perform the activity correctly.  This is when coaches are focused on whether or not the player rounded the cone or how straight the line is.

What’s happening is the players are being taught how to perform the activity, not the discipline the activity is supposed to reinforce.

Lost training time and limited utility of the activity on game day are direct results.

The same thing can happen in sales coaching — losing focus on the game for sake of training the exercise. You see this in sales coaching when reps are coached on giving the presentation, conducting themselves on face-to-face meetings, and taught tactics to follow-up or build rapport.

Too often the rep is coached on what to do and how to do it.

But are they taught why they should do it?

Sales coaching should more about why than what or how. All three are important, but it’s why that creates lasting benefit — why enables you to think for yourself. Why enables creativity to overcome obstacles — it’s the big picture of what and how.

As thinking people, we need to understand more about why.

What do you think?


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