A first look at the changes going on at Saleskick

| March 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

I mentioned in a post late last year there were a number of new services and changes coming to our business in 2012. Above is a picture of those changes, some of which have already been announced to one extent of another.

The biggest change is moving Saleskick from the defining service to a service in an important chain of connected and related services to drive client sales and revenue growth. Saleskick’s Core Story offering is the driving force in that chain.

In the coming weeks, I’ll post more about the changes in our business — announcing services, sharing case studies, and talking about the interrelationships of Saleskick, Copykick, and Webkick as it relates to real-world opportunities for businesses to attract target audiences, nurture sales leads, and ultimately sell more — faster.


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