As odd as is may seem, the purpose of selling isn’t to pitch your product. In fact, your product is pretty much worthless, until you associate it with something worth buying.

People want to purchase things that do things — for them. Things they value owning, achieving, and sometimes avoiding. That’s why your products and services have little importance, except to enable you to do or provide something that does that thing your prospect wants to buy.

Your job as a salesperson isn’t to hock your wares. Your job is to identify the things your prospect wants to buy and associate it with the things you have to offer. Then facilitate their interest to fulfill their need.

The obvious secret to sales success is to focus on the people you’re selling to. It’s about them, not you. And it’s certainly not about the products and services you have to offer — they rarely matter.

What do you think?

Is it a salesperson’s job to pitch their product –or– should their focus be on fostering the prospect’s interest and associating it with something they have to offer?


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