PRI have no idea why, but I recently found myself reading press releases. I surfed a dozen or so websites reading press releases of all sorts, from all sorts of companies.  They suck – press releases that is, not the companies.

Here’s what’s wrong.

Press releases overwhelmingly are about the company, not the customer. Document after document I read continued the story of what we have done, what we will do, how great we are. I found only a couple out of dozens that were focused on the customer.

Instead of issuing press releases, companies should make offers. Offers are focused on the customer, not the company. I know, there are lots of reasons companies make announcements through press releases, but at the root, they all hope their press release spurs new sales. Say what you want, that’s always the case…period.

The better option is to take what you’d announce in a press release, turn it into a customer benefit, and make an offer to your target audience. The company still benefits from getting the word out on how great they are only this time it’s presented in a form that supports what they’re ultimately trying to achieve, new sales.

Do you agree or disagree? Why?


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